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Collecting Donations for Victims of IRENE

The towns (Rodanthe/Salvo) were ravished terribly by Hurricane Irene. Many businesses and residents  had about two feet of water in their home (and jellyfish, fish, sea grass, snapping turtles, tarantulas, crabs and NUTRIAS). Some residents have lost everything.

FEMA, Salvation Army and Red Cross are on the ground and supplying food and medical supplies. What the community is in need of are waterproof containers (Rubbermaid type), wheelbarrows, pitch forks, cleaning supplies (specifically bleach and other disinfectants) pet food and litter, money, clothing (children to adults), gift cards to Home Depot, Kmart, Walmart, Sam’s Club, PetsMart or PetCo and auto parts stores (ie NAPA. Summit, etc).

Their local animal shelter is currently over-capacity and not even accesible by the people of Hatteras Island. The shelter is asking residents to consider fostering any stray animals until their owners can be located. They are in serious need of pet food and litter to disperse to the shelter and foster homes.

I have begun collecting money and supplies to send to this town. Obviously gift cards and money will be the easiest to send, but I will also be sending a few boxes of supplies. (Money to help cover shipping would also be helpful!). These donations will be going to the community as a whole, not just my sister’s family. The only road off the island has been completely washed away, but they will be able to receive mail and package deliveries by ferry.

If you are able to make a donation or have any questions, please come and find me at the tourney this weekend, Grand Junction, CO, September 3-4 or e-mail me off-list. I have attached a picture of my friend Briggs in front of my sister’s business sign to give you an idea of what the town has been dealing with.

The number one thing you can do to help – is plan a vacation to Hatteras Island! Their economy depends completely on tourism and fishing. If you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation while eating some of the best seafood in America – thats the place to go  🙂 Consider going next summer (but maybe pre-hurricane season)!

Thanks everyone!

Aly and Team Bat Pack
Denver Speed Demons

Clementine – CGC, FMCh, V-BTA
TeeVee – CGC, FDCh-S


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