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NAFA Releases August Meeting Highlights

September 13, 2011, – The meeting highlights from the August BOD meeting in Las Vegas, NV have been published.
The NAFA Board of Directors meets on a periodic basis to review ongoing issues in the sport, hold disciplinary hearings and review the general business of NAFA.

From the NAFA website:

Highlights of the August 27-28, 2011 NAFA® Board Meeting- Las Vegas, NV

1) Rule changes and other modifications to the 2012 rule book:

Breed Challenge (Substantial modifications & redraft to Chapter 3):
Chapter 3 – Dogs, Teams, and Time Sheets (current NAFA rule book, p. 5)
Section 3.1 — Dog Registration (CRNs)
(a) A competition registration number (CRN) must be obtained from NAFA (use NAFA Form C.8) before the dog competes or warms up at a NAFA sanctioned tournament. The fee for a CRN is $20.00 in US currency or equivalent. The CRN is not transferable to another dog.(b) The CRN shall identify the breed of the dog or declare the dog a mixed breed. If a breed is claimed, it must be a breed recognized by one or more of the following kennel clubs: American Kennel Club (including Foundation Stock Service), Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Mexican Kennel Club, American Rare Breed Association, or American Herding Breed Association. A dog’s breed is subject to challenge as provided in section 7.7 of the Corporate Policies and Procedures. A dog’s breed designation may be changed at the owner’s request once in the lifetime of the dog unless the breed designation has already been changed as a result of a breed challenge.
(c) Any dog listed on a time sheet in a NAFA sanctioned tournament without a valid CRN will result in forfeiture of tournament placements as well as forfeiture of all NAFA points earned during the tournament for all dogs entered on the time sheet.

Section 3.2 – Clubs, Teams, and Time Sheets
(a) A club must have a NAFA club number to enter a team in a NAFA sanctioned event. To obtain a club number use NAFA Form C.11. If a club number has not been obtained prior to the closing date of the tournament in which the club has entered, the teams entered by the club will forfeit all NAFA points and tournament placements.
(b) A current time sheet (NAFA Form C.2) shall be completed and provided to the tournament secretary before the start of racing.
(c) <Here insert sections c, d, e, and h of the current chapter 3, pp. 5-6, except in incorporating 3(h) change “penalty specified in Section 7.6” to add “of the NAFA Corporate Policies and Procedures”>
<Amend Section 6.2(d) of the NAFA Corporate Policies and Procedures to state:>
(d) In the multibreed class, each team running in a heat must consist of dogs of four different breeds, or three different breeds and a mixed breed. A dog’s breed or status as a mixed breed must match what is declared on the dog’s CRN pursuant to section 3.1(b) of the NAFA Rules of Racing.
<Add section 7.7 to the NAFA Corporate Policies & Procedures as follows:>
Section 7.7 – Breed Challenge Process

(a) A dog’s breed may be challenged by a NAFA supervising or approved judge or a club owner. A dog designated as a “mix” is not subject to a breed challenge.
(b) To bring a challenge, the judge or club owner must submit a completed Form C.22 and any supporting documentation to the Executive Director, and:
(i) Except as provided in subparagraph (ii) below, the judge or club owner bringing the challenge must have officiated or competed at a NAFA sanctioned tournament at which the challenged dog competed and submit the challenge within 14 days of that tournament.
(ii) If a dog’s owner changes the dog’s breed designation as provided in 3.1(b) of the Rules of Racing, a challenge must be submitted within one year of the breed change.
(c) The challenge, if brought by a club owner, must be accompanied by a $100 (US) fee.
(d) A dog’s breed may be challenged only once during the lifetime of the dog.
(e) On receiving a breed challenge, the Executive Director shall verify its sufficiency and promptly forward the challenge to the owner shown on the CRN and request a response within 30 days from the date the owner receives the challenge, or such additional time as the Executive Director may allow for good cause shown.
(f) An owner who receives a breed challenge may:
(i) Establish the dog’s breed by furnishing either:
(a) A pedigree, including at least three (3) generations, establishing the dog as a breed recognized by a kennel club listed in Section 3.1(b) of the NAFA Rules of Racing; or
(b) An ILP/PAL or the equivalent issued by a kennel club listed in Section 3.1(b) of the NAFA Rules of Racing;
(ii) Concede the challenge either by changing the breed designation listed on the dog’s CRN to a mixed breed or by establishing a different breed pursuant to paragraph (f)(1) above; or
(iii) Request a NAFA breed review. Such a request must be in writing and be accompanied by at least five identical packets each containing 3 current photographs of the dog, providing an unobstructed view of the dog from both sides and a frontal view, and any other written material, including affidavits or declarations from recognized breeders or conformation judges, that the owner wants the NAFA breed review panel to consider.
(g) On receiving a timely breed review request, the Executive Director shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, convene a breed review panel. The panel shall consist of at least three (3) impartial members who have specific knowledge of the challenged dog’s breed by being either an established breeder of that breed, a qualified conformation judge of dogs in that breed, or another expert in the breed. Each breed review panel member shall review the materials submitted pursuant to paragraph (f)(iii) above. If the breed review panel finds that the photographs are not acceptable, the panel shall notify the Executive Director and indicate what the deficiencies are. If additional photographs are required, the Executive Director shall notify the owner to submit additional photographs curing the deficiencies noted within 30 days of receipt of such request.
(h) If a majority of the breed review panel is convinced that the dog is not the designated breed, the dog’s breed designation listed on the dog’s CRN shall be changed to a mixed breed, otherwise the dog’s breed will remain as designated.
(i) The dog’s owner and the challenging party shall receive written confirmation of the panel’s finding. If the dog’s owner does not timely respond to a breed challenge or to a request for additional photographs by a breed challenge panel, the breed designated on the dog’s CRN will be changed to “mix.” If the breed is changed to “mix” as a result of the breed review process, the fee, if any, paid to bring the breed challenge shall be refunded to the club owner who remitted it.
(j) No other penalties shall be pursued other than the breed of the successfully challenged dog shall be changed to “mix.”

Penalty for a child re-entering the ring:
If a judge excuses a child and the club either refuses to have the child leave, or the club re-enters the ring with the child at that tournament during warm-ups or racing, the team will forfeit the race (retroactively if the child enters the ring after the race has begun). Effective immediately.

Delegate Accrual:
Effective October 1, 2011 we will change our current delegate structure to award delegate votes for team entries on a per week basis and award delegate votes for hosting on a per racing day basis. The new rule would read (Article VII – Affiliate Clubs and Delegates, Section 2. Delegate Vote Calculations):
(a) Affiliate Club Delegate Votes. An Affiliate Club must compete in at least one (1) event during the preceding Racing Year to qualify for delegate votes. An Affiliate Club earns delegate votes by competing in or hosting tournaments according to the follow schedule: one (1) delegate vote for 4-5 team entries; two (2) delegate votes for 6-11 team entries; three (3) delegate votes for 12-17 team entries; four (4) delegate votes for 18-23 team entries; five (5) delegate votes for 24-29 team entries; and six (6) delegate votes for 30 team entries or more. Team entries are the greatest number of entries on a given day during the tournament week. One (1) delegate vote per Affiliate Club will be awarded for hosting each tournament day. No Affiliate Club shall earn more than fifteen (15) delegate votes in total by team entries or tournament hosting.
Page 51 of the current rule book.
This will not affect the upcoming election (January 2012). If teams would like to change their sanctioning for 2012 they may do so.

Regional Tournament Mileage Restriction:
Page 39 of the current rule book (the last sentence 8.3 subsection C) changed to:
A host club’s regional affiliation shall determine the region in which regional points accrue for tournaments hosted by that club, except when the tournament is hosted more than 200 road miles away from the opted-in regional border, in which case the regional points will accrue for the region where the tournament is geographically located.
Effective October 1, 2011.

Election Period Dates and Deadlines:
All nomination deadlines will be September 30. Effective October 1, 2011.
Page 41, 42 and 44 of the current rule book.

Max number of heats per race:
A race may not exceed 5 heats. Tournament Directors will publish the tie breaker for races (for example- fastest time in the race). This includes the elimination rounds. Effective October 1, 2011.
Page 32 of the current rule book. Section 6.3 Format & Schedule. Under subsection (b)- add (v).

Definition of “the course”:
Effective October 1, 2011. Chapter 3- page 5 of the current rulebook. The changes are underlined:
Each team is to consist of a minimum of four dogs and four handlers, with a maximum of six dogs and six handlers, plus a box loader and at the discretion of the team, a runner or two, to pick up loose tennis balls, to set up knocked down jumps, or to otherwise assist the team, provided doing so does not interfere with the judges or the opposing team and does not in any way assist the dogs in navigating the course or violate the rules. Other people may assist the dogs and handlers, but may not assist the dog in actually navigating the course. A person helping catch the dog in the back area, or revving the dog up before they run would not violate the rules. But, a person funneling a dog into the jumps or running alongside the dog as they run over the jumps (even outside the ring) would not be permitted. Using food in the ring is permitted, as are tugs and other motivators.

Change to limited tournament draws:
Add (vi)If any classes do not meet the sanctioned limit after the 96 hour mark due to teams having withdrawn, and other classes still have alternates, the tournament organizer (Tournament Director/Secretary) should contact the Executive Director for manual reallocation of the vacant slots to the other classes.
Effective immediately. Page 29 of the current rule book (top section).

Clarification regarding forfeiting of races by teams from same club:
If a club’s A team pulls from the tournament, then the club’s B team should not have to forfeit when scheduled to race the A team. But, if the A team is forfeiting just the race, or is late, then the B team must also forfeit the race.
This is a clarification and is effective immediately.

Hall of Fame Tabulation:
Effective October 1, 2011. Page 41 of the current rule book. The change is underlined:
(iv) Also, in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame a dog must have 35% or more of the ballots returned and validly voted in that race.

Inside Interference:
The underlined text should be added to page 12 of the current rule book:
(f) Inside Interference. If a dog or any team member interferes with the opposing team during a heat, the team causing the interference will forfeit the heat. This includes interference in the racing lane, in all in bound areas, and in the area where dogs are waiting to run. Interference is defined as impeding the other team’s dog from running its race. A dog chasing a loose ball into the other team’s area is not necessarily interference. In the event of interference, the judge will assign an estimated time to the team that was interfered with. The time will be marked as estimated and will not be used to determine placement. If a dog crosses the start/finish line after it has already successfully completed the course, it is not a flag. Effective October 1, 2011.

2) Form modifications
C.17/C.18 – add number of dogs measured.

C.3 Sanctioning Form
– Form is changed to assume all classes are unlimited unless otherwise noted.

C.6 Tournament Results Form
– Removed “EJS Shipping Cost (attach receipt). Specify payment in USD or CDN funds.”

C.10 Height Card Form
– Added wording from the rule book

C.11 New Club Form
– References to ‘Team’ changed to ‘Club’

3) NAFA Ballot- “Abstain” or “None of the Above” options:
The Board discussed whether an “abstain” or “none” type option should be provided on the ballot. Voters have the option to skip voting in a race if they decide they do not wish to vote for any of the candidates.

4) New judge advancements
John Fairbairn, Murphy TX – Approved to Supervising
Dianna Jaynes, Napanee ON – Provisional to Approved

5) Nominees for the 2012 election
Board of Directors (3 positions available):
• Sam Ford
• Nancy Garcia
• Dale Smith

Judge of the Year finalists:
• Geoff Brown, Raleigh, NC
• Scott Chamberlain, Mount Wolf, PA
• John Fairbairn, Murphy, TX
• Kevin Gordon, Goffstown, NH
• Dave Walt, Caledonia, ON

Hall of Fame Finalists:
• Bainbridge Savannah “Hannah”, 981124, Australian Shepherd, Sharon Atkinson of Omaha Speedracers
• Braehead’s Pleasure of Q (Teez). 000981, White German Shepherd Dog, Maurice Seeger of Ballistics
• Glide, 960417, Border Collie, Cindy Arnold of Paws-a-tive Attitude
• Marco, 001440, Pomeranian, Kim Cagle of Flat Out Flyers
• Snap, 000470, Mix, Tooie Crooks of Flying Colors

2011 Regional MVP Nominees
Region 1
• Dahlia – Miniature Pinscher – Karen & Chet Day – Fur in a Blur
• Gwen – Border Collie – Gregory Homann – Rockin Flyball Gang
• Tess – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Linda Anderson – Paws-a-tive Attitude
Region 2
• Daisy – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Carol-Anne DeVenne – Ballderdashers
• Jack-Jack – Whippet – Gord Mak – Extreme Chaos
Region 3
• Elvis – Mix – Jennifer Rohling – Balls Out
• Zing – Border Collie – Julie Tillman – SuperNova
Region 4
• Cricket – Australian Shepherd – Gloria Budziak – Ruff House
• Scout – Mix – Christina Tresch – BC Boomerangs
Region 5
• Katy – Border Collie – Diane Bissell – Texas Twisters
• Merlin – Bassett Hound – Tammy Allison – Paws And Effect
• Minnie Louise – Border Collie – JoAnne Sigler – Flat Out Flyers
• Pippin – Pomeranian – Beverly J. Taub – Do Run Run
• Shiner – Mix – Donald Watson – Hot Rod Hounds
• Trixi – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Kim Galusha – Dogz Rule!
Region 6
• Snap – Mix – Tooie Crooks – Flying Colors
Region 7
• Phoebe – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Joy Adiletta – Jet City Jumpers
Region 9
• Scandal – Shetland Sheepdog – Julie Jenkins – Fur Fun
• Skeet – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Todd Pope – Carpe Pilam
Region 10
• Caber – Border Collie – Craig & Shari Dawson – Fast ‘n FURious
• Fling – Australian Shepherd – Jennifer Stairs – Carleton County Flyball
• Shadow – Shetland Sheepdog – Richard Landry – F.A.M.E.
Region 11
• Dusti – Shetland Sheepdog – Christine/Richard Sells – Too Hot to Handle
• Scooter – Miniature Poodle – Cindy Doerr – Dogs Of Anarchy
Region 12
• Jonah – Border Collie – Pat LaValley – Redline Dogsports
Region 13
• Bero – Entlebucher Mountain Dog – Melissa Gugliotti – Fast Attack
• Blu – Australian Shepherd – Chris and Trish Bjurling – Howl
• Highwater Bennington – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Valerie Whiterock – NASDOG Racing
• Hype – Border Collie – Cheryn Breeling – Maine Coast Runners
• Mea – Australian Shepherd – Cheryl Doyle – Ruff Enuff
• Shadow – Border Collie – David Dubois – Canine Mutiny
Region 14
• Huey – Whippet – Dana Hanson – Double Dog Dare
• Jax – Labrador Retriever – Jeanne Harem – Dixie Flyers
Region 15
• Mischief – Border Collie – Russell Bobb – Scallywags
Region 16
• Molly – Australian Shepherd – Laura Collett – Heat Wave
• Skyler – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Stacie Popejoy – Surf City Flyball
• Toby – Jack/Parson Russell Terrier – Anne Lamonica – Arizona Supercharged
Region 18
• Ginny – Mix – Christy Garrett – Alaska Dogs Gone Wild
Region 19
• Cutter – Australian Shepherd – Kay Radinsky – Westside Woofers
• Gypsy – Labrador Retriever – Caryn Ashbay – Agents of Chaos
• Kona – Australian Shepherd – Jo Crickenberger – Rocky Mountain Flyball
Region 20
• Kassie – Mix – Blair Carroll – Paws on Fire
• Niki – Mix – Marie-H Lacasse – Leading Edge
• Niki – Siberian Husky – Nadine Marcotte – Burnin’ Rubber
• Olive – Border Terrier – Sara & Bobby Ogilvie – Ready Set Go
• Striker – Whippet – Irene Doucet – Hot Diggity Dogs
Region 21
• Camden – Mix – Stephanie Hanson – Outrun
• Jester – Mix – Steven Branin & Jayne McQuillen – Skidmarkz
• Schemer – Border Collie – Michelle and Mary Bolton – Omaha Speedracers

6) Review Panel
• Lindsey – 080546, 04/02/2011
• Ginger – 100203, 04/03/2011
• Kaylee – 110282, 05/14/2011
• Dexter – 110597, 05/21/2011 – Appeal
• Gabby – 110570, 05/22/2011 – Appeal
• Roxie – 051102, 05/22/2011 – Second Excusal – Upheld on Appeal


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