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Tracking and Viewing NAFA Flyball Points


The following is a bit over kill, but as an FYI, there are several ways to “automatically” find out /follow a dog(s) earned NAFA points.

NAFA titles and points required are listed at

a) Quickest, unofficial (until posted on NAFA web site) way after the tournament is to review the time sheet summary file posted by Vince Dragotta for the team(s) the dog of interest ran on. At the top of each team group is a list of the dogs on the team, prior points earned, points earned at the tournament, and total points. (Note: if the dog earned points on more than one team at the tournament, one would have to manually add the points earned for each team the dog ran on to the prior points to get the correct total points earned at the tournament).

For example, at the top of CC Kiss Me, I’m Canine! listing; Keely’s “stats” were: 2 021109 Keely 19,887 353 20,240
Taking a digital snap-shot of the appropriate page using the team camera provides a handy reference at the next tournament!

b) Via NAFA’s stats area (From the home page either indirectly through the “Statistics” link at the top or directly through the “View the NAFA database” link on the left side. The catch 22 is to let the page load completely first before trying to press the buttons on the page.

There are two ways to display a single dogs stats:

1) In the “Dog Points Detail”, entering a dog’s CRN and selecting the “go” button will give the titles earned and a running list of tournaments, points earned at the given tournament and the “total points” officially earned by the end of the given tournament.

Example: 021109 Keely Shetland Sheepdog 20240 Tracy Waterfallen Porter TX FD=03/29/03 FDX=06/21/03 FDCH=08/16/03 FDCH-S=07/17/04 FDCH-G=10/08/05 FM=05/20/06 FMX=03/08/08 FMCH=04/10/10 03/29/03 Mesquite, TX Regular 20 20 06/21/03 Triple Crown Dog Academy Regular 125 145
… list shortened …
02/04/12 Albert Sales Barn Regular 255 19887 03/03/12 Walker County Fairgrounds Regular 353 20240

2) In the “Club Information”, select “club dog listing” from the “buttons”, enter in the club number and select “go” (if using club# use the go there vs. the “go” next to the club name) This will display a list of dogs that NAFA associates with the selected club. Double clicking on the CRN number of the dog of interest will show among other things all the titles earned by the selected dog. (NAFA Dog status values are A: active, I: inactive, R: retired, or D: deceased)

c) The real fun begins when dealing with club stats / team stats listings. In the “Club Information”, selecting different buttons will obviously display different things related to the chosen club name/club number.

Note: The usefulness of parts i), ii) && iii) is dependent on how current/up to date the status information for each of the club’s dogs is. Changes/updates to the status information are done/provided by the club’s NAFA representative (club owner/club captain) to NAFA.

i) Selecting the “dog points summary” button will display the same information as shown by entering just a single dog’s CRN, but only stats for each dog in the club flagged as “A” (active) will be listed. This listing does not include information on tournaments attended by the “A” dog(s). This listing provides a quick way to print out / review who might earn titles at a future tournament. The catch-22 is to note at the top the date listed after the “Scored tournaments through –/–/—“, as this may/may not be updated in time for a subsequent 2nd tournament if the 1st tournament occurred after the “Scored tournaments through” date.

ii) Selecting the “Current Yr Pts Detail” button will display (after “go”) the same club listing information as in i) for A (activie) dogs; but additionally shows for each dog the total points brought forward from the prior NAFA year along with a list of tournaments, points earned at tournament, and running points total at the end of the tournament.

iii) Selecting the “Current Yr Events” button will display (after “go”) a list of tournaments the club has participated in with club stats for each club team that ran at a given tournament. The club stats are similar to the top of page summary shown in the “time sheet summary” sent out by Vince Dragotta. IMHO, this page provides a simpler way to navigate between the club listing (by clicking on club name) and individual dog stats (click on dog CRN).

Note: All of the above NAFA web stats are not updated at the same time. “Dog Points Detail” may have the latest updates before the Club information section.

Craig Poirier

Alamo Racing Canines


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