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Online Canine Conditioning Class

Join me in helping to reduce the chance of injury by strengthening, improving body awareness and balance in your dog.   This is the BEST time of year to start a Conditioning Program. Learning exercises that can mentally and physically challenge your dog in the comfort of your living room is a true bonus.   The GREAT thing about online learning is that you can do it at home, at your own pace. There is no need for you to be in the online classroom at a particular time. Enrollment has begun for K9 Conditioning and Body Awareness.
Join me at:
Learn what online learning can do for you!!! My classes provide: 1. Flexibility in learning 2. Build a conditioning program for your dog 3. Fit it into your life, training and trial schedule etc. 4. Learn proper positioning to maximize the benefits of each exercise 5. see class description below.
Working positions get valuable feedback on their video homework and auditing positions are involved in discussion and able to view the videos submitted.
Class Description: This 9-week course teaches exercises, tricks and stretches to increase range of motion, flexibility and reflexes, also to increases muscle tone and endurance. The exercises are designed to reduce the risk of injury and increase balance, core strength, body awareness and over-all performance. This class is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience, as programs will be individualized to the needs of the dog.
Learn the importance of routines for warm up/cool down, strengthening and stretching.
All exercise will be trained on the flat and suggestions are offered during the course on how to increase the difficulty of the exercises using the FitPaws Peanut or Egg or other equipment.
Positioning of each exercise is important to insure the proper muscle is being strengthened or stretched.
Recommended equipment (not required): FitPaws Peanut or egg the right size for your dog. A coupon code for 10% off is offered the first week of class. Instructor help is available for sizing your dog to a ball.
See what the current students are saying about the first round of Online K9 Conditioning Classes at
I consider you & Daisy an integral part of my team. I love what I am learning here and the pace is perfect. Leslie can put her hands on Morgan and feel where he has some discomfort & provide exercises to support him. But you are providing a good & consistent level of exercises, in a good format, which I can understand and it is complimentary to what Leslie is doing. MFI totally LOVE your class! It is my best ever online class! I love all of Daisy’s classes but your class is a MUST class for every dog owner. Daisy should make it mandatory 🙂

And you Bobbie do such an awesome job! I am so thrilled to be part of this class. Maybe I am going to do it again with one of my other dogs 🙂 RS

Bobbie Lyons

Pawsitive Performance Providing Private Lessons, Online Classes, & Workshops K9 Core Strength and Body Awareness, K9 Conditioning Programs and Focus



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