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Dogs of Anarchy Hosting “Anarchy Reigns” #Flyball Event

For those of you that missed out on Anarchy at the Circle K, we are giving you another chance to come join in flyball fun DOA style!! We have sanctioned a NAFA (yes you read that correctly…we said NAFA) tournament for Spetember 15 and 16 at IPOC in Lakeland.

“Anarchy Reigns” will be held September 15 and 16, 2012 at IPOC in Lakeland. This will be an amazing weekend of flyball fun. It will be a NAFA sanctioned tournament with regular, open, multibreed and veterans racing as well as green dog racing on Friday night. We have received sponsorships and donations from Innova, AKC, Eukanuba, Dinovite, J and J dog supply, BiologicVet and Dan’s Dog Sports. Thanks to these sponsorships, and others in the works, we will have TONS of really great prizes, raffle items, and exhibitor gifts. In addition to the regular division awards, we will be giving out “special” awards that you do not want to miss. There will be music, food, and TONS of fun, so clear your calendar and plan to attend. If you don’t have a team, or you have an extra dog without a spot, don’t fret. We will be organizing open teams so that EVERYONE that wants to play will have a spot!!!

Please send entries to Shannon Taaffe at 6404 Brahman Drive, Lakeland FL 33810 (Payable To: Florida Dog Sports). If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line!!!

This tourament IS already sanctioned. Sep 15  08/19/12  12083000  Lakeland FL (11)  Dogs Of Anarchy (58′)  Shannon Taaffe  863-557-7966  $100 USD ________________________________ Open $100 USD  $100 USD ________________________________ Veterans $75 USD Sep 16  08/19/12  12083001  Lakeland FL (11)  Dogs Of Anarchy (58′)  Shannon Taaffe  863-557-7966  $100 USD ________________________________ Open $100 USD  $100 USD ________________________________ Veterans $75 USD

Jaimie and Shannon


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