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The Coconut Classic – A #Flyball Icon Event

The Coconut Classic closes in less than two weeks! (Sunday May 13th at 6 pm)
Recall that this is a dual region sanctioned tourney, so it’s actually two tourneys run together (one for each region). NAFA asked me if I wouldn’t mind putting vets and open in one or the other tourney, but not both. It will make scoring a little simpler, and since neither vets nor open count for regional purposes, I said OK (it will be easier for me to deal with, too).

Open (Limit 15) and Vets (Unlimited) are listed here:,

Not here:

If you go to the region 15 tourney list, it looks like only Regular and Multibreed are offered. Do not despair. Open and Vets are offered via the region 9 tourney. And yes, you can enter your Regular and/or Multibreed teams in the region 15 tournament, and still enter Open and/or Vets in the region 9 tournament.
We are trying out the limiting of only the Open class this year. We will assess the impact of that decision after this year’s event and then decide what we want to do in the future. The Open class is limited to 15 teams. So, there will be a random draw to determine which 15 teams get in. The purpose of a random draw is to give each team a fair and equal chance at getting a team entry into the class. The draw also ensures that each club will get one team entry into the class, before any club gets a second team entry into the class.

There has been a disturbing recent trend of a club or clubs purchasing “ghost clubs” for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in the draws. Please cease and desist this practice. Not only is it against the spirit and intent of the rules, but it is unsportsmanlike conduct. Let’s please let everyone have the same fair sporting chance!


Q: Can I enter an Open team and also an additional Regular or Multibreed team and if my Open team gets selected in the draw can I drop the additional Regular or Multbreed team?

A: Yes, for example, you can enter 2 Regular and 1 Open, and if your Open gets in via the draw, you can drop one of the Regular teams during the 96 hour period following the draw without penalty.

Q: If my Open team does NOT get selected in the draw, can I then add another Regular team entry (i.e. after the draw)?

A: No you cannot add during the 96 hour period, but you can drop, with no entry fee due for the dropped team.

Entry form and more information here:

Entries can be emailed to Julie at:

We will also accept hand delivered entries this weekend in Palmyra and the following weekend at the DKC.

Please send list of titles expected to be earned to Rose at:  by June 4th

We hope you will join us for Fur Fun’s 9th annual Coconut Classic!




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2 thoughts on “The Coconut Classic – A #Flyball Icon Event

  1. Does the above Coconut Classic post really say that NAFA clubs have gone around the rules (by purchasing ‘ghost clubs’) for the sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantage, and this conduct is cons
    idered unsportsmanlike?

    Posted by flyballer1 | 05/08/2012, 3:33 pm
    • It doesn’t say that any “Rule” has been violated. It simply alleges clubs are creating clubs for the purpose of improving their “odds” of a team entry being chosen in a draw for a limited tournament.. The author suggests this is unsportsmanlike conduct. The author did not use the word “sole”. To my knowledge, the Board has not been presented with any evidence that this has happened or is happening and (to my knowledge) there is no proposal under consideration by the NAFA Board to stop the practice.

      I know of NO club in my Region having engaged in this practice and no proof that this is happening elsewhere has been presented.

      To quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

      Posted by flyballtoday | 05/09/2012, 8:46 am

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