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What Happened to the Livestream for #Flyball Today?

Everybody keeps asking about what happened to the broadcasting on the Flyball today livestream channel. We used to go live online when we attended flyball tournaments. Our last live broadcast was October 23, 2011.

Flyball Today is experiencing equipment problems. The software on my phone which allowed wireless access to the internet from remote locations failed to function. Eventually, the phone uninstalled the app and we have been unable to re-install it on the phone.

As if that wasn’t a big enough challenge, then the laptop computer that the camera fed into and took commands from in order to perform live broadcasts picked up a virus and refused to load the Windows7 OS at all. Without the computer, nothing functions at so, there is no control over the Flyball Today channel.

We have been able (in the past) to access the internet through an independent wireless hub borrowed from flyball competetitors who are fans of Flyball Today but, even a hub would not help us without the computer.

We are very close to solving some of these issues and we will make an announcement when we are able to broadcast again. In the meantime, do not fret. We are working to resolve these issues for our loyal audience.

If anyone reading this would like to volunteer to broadcast live flyball action from their location in the world, please drop us an email at . We will guide through the process of accessing the Flyball Today studio at which will allow you to broadcast through the channel. In fact, we welcome anyone who would like to contribute reports about flyball on any of our platforms. This blog and Flyball Today Livestream Channel are our main avenues for breaking flyball news but, even Twitter or Facebook can use your help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Editorial Staff at Flyball Today



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