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Casting Call – Does Your Dog Want to be Famous?

There is an exciting opportunity to see your dog’s photograph (and your name) in a globally distributed eBook! The Dog Talk Project is partnering with 101 Publishing to provide them with DTP members’ best dog photographs for their upcoming  dog breed eBooks.

The first book is entitled “Labrador Retrievers: A Dog Expert’s Guide to Being a Better Master”. Slated for summer 2012 distribution, these books will be available for purchase on and Barnes & Noble. (Several other breed requests will be coming soon!) If you live with and love Labs (or a Lab-mix – they are welcome too!), send your best photograph to

Dog Talk will post your photos to the DTP site and will forward all eligible photos (see below) to 101 Publishing for consideration. (NOTE: If you have already contributed your Labrador’s photo to Dog Talk, just drop us an email request, telling us that you would like it submitted for the book).


  1. Your name and email
  2. Your dog’s name
  3. A short caption about the photo

NOTE: We cannot consider photographs that are sent without your name and  contact information. If your photo is selected, you will be contacted by 101 Publishing directly.

Special Instructions from 101 Publishing:

  • Photos should not have people in them (no people, or parts of people)
  • Photos should preferably be taken in natural light without flash (i.e. no red eyes)
  • Large, high-resolution, sharply focused images;
  • Images should be at least 1000 pixels wide
  • Cameras which are higher than 4.0 mega pixels work best –
  • Photos from digital cameras only, no scanned or cell phone pictures
  • Unaltered images without using Photoshop or special effects – Un-cluttered, solid-color backgrounds with very little texture or pattern
  • Close-up pictures taken at eye level work best
  • Pictures taken outside in daylight are preferred

Thanks for participating in Dog Talk and contributing your photos! Hope to see your dog “published” with 101 Publishing!

Linda Case, Administrator,

The Dog Talk Project

Owner, AutumnGold Consulting

as reported by Sarah Collins



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