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AKC Lists an “All American Dog” in its First Class of NAFA #Flyball Titles

The “First Class” of NAFA Titles appearing on AKC registrations has been published and is available here. There are 10 dogs listed that are Flyball Dog Champions, 12 dogs at Flyball Master and 10 listed that have earned their ONYX. 32 dogs that represent 16 breeds which includes one “All American Dog” also known as a “Mix”.

The Executive Director, Lee Heighton, first reported to the NAFA Board on 01/20/2012  in Raleigh, NC that NAFA was in negotiations with the American Kennel Club to recognize NAFA Titles on their pedigrees.

On May 19, 2012, NAFA announced that the AKC will now recognize NAFA Flyball Titles on their pedigrees and will publish such titles on pedigrees of AKC registered dogs. AKC will recognize three titles – Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh), Flyball Master (FM), and ONYX. Titles earned back to January 1, 2000 may be recorded. Owners who wish to have their dogs’ titles recorded must fill out an application and pay a recording fee to the AKC of $20. Applications may be submitted immediately (as of 05/19/2012) and the AKC Performance Events Department will be prepared to start processing applications on July 1, 2012.

Sources: Abridged Meeting Minutes, 01/20/2010

AKC First Class Flyball Titles

NAFA Announcements

AKC Flyball Title Application Form AKC Flyball Title Application Form

AKC’s Letter to NAFA: Letter to NAFA



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