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Another NEW NAFA Flyball Record!

Get ready, folks! Another NAFA Flyball record is about to be shattered!

Current NAFA Top Pointed Dog: Shadow, owned by Karen Larkin of Troy, MI,  Paws-a-tive Attitude Flyball Club

NAFA Top Pointed Dogs 2005 – September, 2012
Points: 153,112

Iron Dog 10 Consecutive NAFA racing years
Shadow ~ 1998-20012

The torch is about to change, history will still be the same, new history going forward is about to be made on September 15/16/2012 in Rockton Ontario!

Rukus, owned by Elva Bradley of Caledon, ON,  DOG-ON-IT Flyball Club is about to make flyball history!

NAFA Top Pointed Dogs as of August 31, 2012:
Points: 153,027

Iron Dog 10 Consecutive NAFA racing years

Razin A Rukus ~ 2002-2012

I have received the following letter from Shadow’s owner, Karen Larkin. I have reprinted here in it’s entirety:

I, along with help from others, will be submitting an official proposal to the board, but I acknowledge that a NAFA election is coming up and would like the new Board to vote on it next year.  I am looking for the flyball community’s support for the 150,000 title as well as other titles beyond 100,000 NAFA points.

Is NAFA just about the fastest records – speed teams, or also about dogs with longevity, solid and sturdy?

I think it is time for the NAFA board the review once again this issue of a title for 150,000 points. 

This has been asked by others in the past, each time the NAFA Board of Directors has turned it down.

Most of these dogs that run year after year are well conditioned. We see more and more dogs being able to reach the 150,000 point level. The judges have the right to excuse a dog for abuse. NAFA titles go from 30,000 Grand Champion to 100,000 Hobbes, but are recognized at all intervals of 10,000 in between. Then to go from 100,000 points to 150,000 points there is not an award available. The board in the past has stated that there would not be enough dogs to recognize this level. Well we think the time is here to award a title at 150,000 points. It will be ten years since the Hobbes title was awarded September 2002.

Gary told me himself way back when that there was a great big strong push from the flyball community to have the new 100,000 point “Hobbes Award”. If you feel that the time is here to have a new 150,000 point title, please send your comments to NAFA.

North American Flyball Association, Inc. 1333 West Devon Avenue, #512 Chicago, IL 60660 (800) 318-6312 (phone and fax)

I would like to remind and re-congratulate:

Gary Mueller and Hobbes – A great person and wonderful dog who began to set the bar so high!

Hobbes awards as of August 5, 2012:

930808 Hobbes, Mix, 109310 pts, Gary Mueller, Brampton, ON HOBBES=09/28/02

960116 Indy, Shetland Sheepdog, 139586 pts, Pam Koons, Novi, MI HOBBES=08/30/03

980128 Shadow, Mix, 153112 pts, Karen Larkin, Troy, MI HOBBES=01/17/04

960741 Cosmo, Labrador Retriever, 106020 pts, Michael Zamonski, Howell, MI,  HOBBES=06/04/05

940786 Off On Intrepid, Border Collie, 106802 pts, Mary Kline, Andover, MN,  HOBBES=02/19/06

960417 Glide, Border Collie, 108465 pts,  Cindy Arnold, Fair Haven, MI, HOBBES=06/03/06

990699 Bizzz-Quick, Border Collie, 135064 pts, Ally & Scott Kolesnikow, Montreal, West QC, HOBBES=11/25/06

980294 Xandr, Jack/Parson Russell Terrier, 111699 pts, Linda Sell, Gregory, MI, HOBBES=07/21/07

990613 Mason, Border Collie, 110987 pts, Sue Osadchuk, Hillsburgh, ON, HOBBES=10/13/07

970122 Roxanne, Border Collie, 104875 pts, Jane Horsfield, Fountain Valley, CA,  HOBBES=01/20/08

020063 Divit, Border Collie, 101801 pts, Russell Rex, Arcanum, OH, HOBBES=04/12/08

990354 Razor, Mix, 113938 pts, Angela Stefanec, East St. Paul, MB, HOBBES=06/07/08

020131 Rukus, Mini Australian/American Shepherd, 152292 pts, Elva Bradley, Caledon, ON, HOBBES=06/14/08

981124 Bainbridge Savannah “Hannah”,  Australian Shepherd, 108257 pts, Sharon Atkinson, Omaha, NE, HOBBES=05/16/09

030159 Digit, Border Collie, 110499 pts, Lynette VandeVenter, Loveland, CO, HOBBES=09/05/09

021414 Sweep, Border Collie, 123523 pts, Amanda Brown, Raleigh, NC, HOBBES=03/06/10

040545 Scooby, Border Collie, 135254 pts, Crystal Cappel, Atlantic, IA, HOBBES=05/01/10

050146 Kaya, Mix, 123901 pts, Sean Higley & Keri Caraher, Ault, CO, HOBBES=08/14/10

011142 Daisy, Jack/Parson Russell Terrier, 108748 pts, Carol-Anne DeVenne, Lynden, ON,  HOBBES=07/09/11

010405 Blaze, Jack/Parson Russell Terrier, 115885 pts, Lara Sorensen, Edmonton, AB, HOBBES=09/11/10

020192 Beans, Jack/Parson Russell Terrier, 114113 pts, Linda Smith, Edmonton, AB, HOBBES=04/09/11

990859 Jesse, Jack/Parson Russell Terrier, 102124 pts, Anne Jansen, Maple Grove, MN, HOBBES=05/29/11

060241 Emma Jo, Labrador Retriever, 115131 pts, Paula Luhring, Waverly, IA, HOBBES=08/21/11

021325 Zing, Border Collie, 105363 pts, Julie Tillman, Ames, IA, HOBBES=11/19/11

020460 Riot, Mix, 104814 pts, Cheryl Wood, Lynnwood, WA, HOBBES=09/17/11

000327 Free, Border Terrier, 100456 pts, Donna Sapp, Glen Burnie, MD, HOBBES=12/03/11

050043 Hatter, Border Collie, 107727 pts, Crystal Cappel, Atlantic, IA, HOBBES=12/03/11

040006 No Clownin’ Around, Mix, 102950 pts, Ally Stern-Kolesnikow, Montreal, West QC, HOBBES=02/19/12

051392 Murphy, Golden Retriever, 101357 pts, Cyndi Porter, Minneapolis, MN, HOBBES=06/16/12

Clyde Moore and Onyx – “Clyde also owned and ran the first dog to reach 20,000 points with the North American Flyball Association. Onyx, a Doberman Pincher, has the distinction of having the 20,000 point title named after her, called the “The Onyx Award”. Onyx had obtained over 40,000 points. She started her racing career before the point system was administered by NAFA and would have probably been well over 50,000 if she had gotten points during her entire flyball career.”

I remember meeting and running flyball with Clyde Moore way back when… we just ran fun matches, before Kala had a NAFA number, now called CRN.

–Karen Larkin

 I look forward to supporting this proposal in it’s final form. When perusing the list of Hobbes recipients, I happened to notice not ONE of these dogs run on a “World Record Time” team. They don’t run for CanAm or Regional or National Championships. Many of them ARE Regional MVPs for good reason. They run for fun. They run for success. They run every weekend of racing that presents an opportunity to race. They make every heat count by running “clean” rather than accepting “NF’s” for a hot pass. They represent and honor the best 95% of NAFA.

Reported by Chris




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