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Flyball Dog is Final Four of Purina Pro Plan “Rally to Rescue”

Willow is her name. Flyball is her game. Willow is a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has unlimited energy, incredible intelligence and the unprecedented “good luck” to be rescued by folks who recognized her potential to become a “Flyball Star”.

There’s more to the story. There always is…..

Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue® helps rescue organizations give rescued pets a chance to be great, with the care they need and the loving homes they deserve. Willow was involved in a national contest, Tales of Greatness Contest (still running) that involved over 500 dogs/cats and she is now one of the top 4 finalists. Really!

There’s more…

Willow needs your help to win this contest. To see her story as told through the eyes of her new owners and to vote for Willow, please, check out this link to Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue® Facebook page which features a wonderful video about Willow and how she was saved first by a rescue group and then found her new forever home. The major portion of the video is about her turn around in life and how she is now an amazing flyball height dog and someday agility dog too.

Most of the video is about flyball.  It will knock your socks off to watch her play flyball, run through an Agility course and still show boundless love and affection for her owners.

LOOK FOR THE STORY ENTITLED “WILLOW’S STORY” — she is the cute corgi face. Willow’s Story

The winning dog/cat wins a year supply of food for the rescue organization they came from along with some other nice perks. It is a “vote” not a like that is needed.

Flyball Today sends a huge “Thank You” to Kim Kowalski of Blazin’ K9s for sending in the tip that led to this wonderful story!



Flyball Today makes every attempt to report as accurately as possible. Sometimes, typos occur or, there are mis-understandings. Flyball Today will publish corrections of any factual errors brought to our attention. In the above printed article, we retract the following and correct as follows:

  1. …should read 50 entries … NOT 500
  2. …it isn’t a year supply of dog food, it’s $5,000 in Pet food for the winning rescue and then some nice little perks for her family.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.



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