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Chris Zink – Canine Athlete Demographics Survey‏

Permission to cross post is granted. —————————– Chris Zink shared the following link and had this to say about it: To all my friends with canine athletes: I have designed an anonymous survey to help people learn more about the needs of canine athletes. It seems hard to believe to those of us who are … Continue reading

Your Voice-Your Vote! NAFA Elections Ballot

This year’s election will again be conducted electronically.  No ballots will be mailed.  All voters must have a valid email address on file with NAFA to receive a ballot.  Voters include:  club owners, regional directors, approved and supervising judges, and board members. We are asking that all voters go through the confirmation process.  This will … Continue reading

Another NEW NAFA Flyball Record!

Get ready, folks! Another NAFA Flyball record is about to be shattered! Current NAFA Top Pointed Dog: Shadow, owned by Karen Larkin of Troy, MI,  Paws-a-tive Attitude Flyball Club NAFA Top Pointed Dogs 2005 – September, 2012 Points: 153,112 Iron Dog 10 Consecutive NAFA racing years Shadow ~ 1998-20012 The torch is about to change, history will … Continue reading

UNSAFE Product Alert – LIXIT “Agility Fun” Flyball Box

There is a product for sale in the Salem, OR location of Petco that is being marketed as Agility Fun Flyball. Model # FB-1 with UPC 076711010089. There are reports that Petcos in the vicinity of Jacksonville, FL may also be marketing this item.  It is in my opinion that this product should in no … Continue reading

NAFA Nominations Are Now Open‏ #Flyball

NAFA News – 06/01/12 – Once again, NAFA’s election season is upon us. The following announcement was released through NAFA’s Official publication, The NAFA News: THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Nominations are now open for the NAFA elections.  This year nominations are open from June 1 – September 30, 2012.  Elections this year will be … Continue reading

Supervising Judge Application – Comment Period‏

Comment period for Supervising Judge application from Geoff Brown of Raleigh, NC This is a Public Service Announcement 6/1/2012 – NAFA News: Effective October 1, 2009, the Board adopted new rules on considering applications for supervising judges. The rules were adopted to give the Judges Committee and Board of Directors the opportunity to make a … Continue reading

What Kind of Dog is That? #Flyball

While many people like to know, “What kind of dog is that?” ..just to satisfy their curiosity, dog breed designations have also been used in an attempt to predict future behavior, match pets to families, find lost dogs, and even to restrict the ownership of certain types of dogs. You are invited to participate in … Continue reading

Ohio’s Dog Auctions: Going, Going…Gone? | Life With Dogs‏

After more than two years spent fighting for change, The Coalition to Ban Dog Auctions says it has enough public support to put an end to Ohio’s notorious dog auctions. dog for sale The group says it has finally collected the required 150,000 registered voter signatures in support of a ban, and submitted the signatures … Continue reading

NEW! Court Ruling Could End Flyball in MD; UPDATE!

There is a motion for reconsideration of the recent “strict liability” State Court Ruling in MD for pit bulls.  The Animal Farm Foundation and some pro bono lawyers are working on this with B-more Dog…as well as a state-wide rally planned for the near future. In regards to the sport of flyball, there has not yet … Continue reading

Learning to Run #Flyball on Turf


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